Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Medal for strengthening military cooperation with Belarus presented to Minister Djordjevic

The Minister of Defence Zoran Djordjevic, who is in an official visit to the Republic of Belarus, met with the Chairman of the State Military Industrial Committee of this country Sergei Petrovich Gurulev. The interlocutors talked about further improvement of military technical and military economic cooperation between two countries.
Since the State Military Industrial Committee is responsible for implementation of defence economic policy, control of work of companies in the military industrial sector and military technical cooperation with other countries, at the meeting the interlocutors discussed details of forming the Joint Commission for military technical cooperation, which should enable strengthening relations between defence industries of two countries.
During his visit to Belarus Minister Djordjevic was presented with the Medal for strengthening military cooperation with Belarus and the Plaque of the Belarusian Ministry of Defence.
During his stay in Minsk the Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic visited the Cathedral of Holy Spirit, where, on the behalf of the Serbian Government, he laid the capsule with the earth from the Memorial Centre to the Liberators of Belgrade, from the place of burial of the remains of Belarusians killed during the liberation of the Serbian capital in 1944.
In the Crypt of Minsk Cathedral of Holy Spirit, where the earth from memorial centres and cemeteries where Belarusian soldiers killed in WWII were buried, clods of earth from Serbia were missing. Therefore, during his visit to Belarus the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic promised the delivery of the capsule with the earth. This place preserves the eternal testimony to bravery of all nations, which jointly defeated fascism.