Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Congratulatory Message by the Minister of Defence on the Occasion of the Day of the Legal Service

To all members of the Legal Service I extend sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 10th May – the Day of the Legal Service.
Continuing a tradition of more than a century and a half, when the Military Court Code was passed in 1864 in Serbia, which regulated organization and procedure of military courts in ordinary and extraordinary situation, since the previous holiday members of your service have been working on the implementation of the provisions of the adopted laws and the adoption of by-laws and acts for their implementation.
I expect the following period to be marked by the adoption of regulations and acts, which would allow normative regulation and defining a number of spheres both in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.
I congratulate you on the holiday, with the wish to further improve the legal service, so that we can achieve homogenization of our legislation with the European legislation and successfully apply it in practice.