Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Contribution of Serbia to European security

The European External Action Service (EEAS) Director for Western Europe, Western Balkans and Turkey Angelina Eichhorst used the opportunity to meet with the Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic during her visit to Belgrade.
The interlocutors exchanged views on the collaboration of the Ministry of Defence and the European Defence Agency (EDA) and concluded that the cooperation was on a high level with aspiration for further enhancement and expansion.
At the meeting a special emphasis was placed on the fact that the Note on the Accession of the Republic of Serbia to the Technical Agreement on the Establishment of the HELBROC EU Battlegroup has been recently signed in Brussels. It is planned that Serbia participates in the mentioned battlegroup with the MP platoon, the CIMIC team and staff officers in the battlegroup command together with members of the Armed Forces of the Hellenic Republic.
Mr. Djordjevic and Ms. Eichhorst talked about the participation of the Serbian Armed Forces members in the EU multinational operations.
There was the exchange of views on the current security situation in the region and it was agreed that the next meeting would be held in June.