Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The Guard Day marked

The ceremony on the occasion of the Guard Day and conferring decorations on units and institutions of the Serbian Armed Forces was held today in “Dedinje” barracks in Belgrade.
The ceremony was attended by the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic, Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic, representatives of religious communities, institutions and organizations of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, and many other guests.
Congratulating the elite unit of the Serbian Armed Forces on the holiday, President Nikolic said that “the Guard is a unit of the military honour and virtue, which has existed almost as long as the modern Serbian state”.
“The right of the Serbian rebels to weapons was fought with great victims and bravery, embodied in the 1st company of the Guard established in Pozarevac in 1830. Today the Guard still performs set tasks within all three missions of the Serbian Armed Forces successfully and in a highly professional manner, relying on its honourable heritage and proudly guarding its fatherland. Your march at the parades in Belgrade, Moscow and Beijing, proud performance with the Serbian flag in the hands of the Guard members made all our citizens proud”, the Serbian President said.
According to him, as a mirror of honour, military competence and perfect readiness of the Serbian Armed Forces, with the outstanding expertise, the Guard members are the first picture of our country seen by guests of Serbia – state officials from the whole world.
“I am proud of the fact that I did my mandate of the Serbian President surrounded by the Guard blue uniform. I am convinced that you will, as members of the unit presented six times in its honourable history with decorations, continue in the following period to perform all set tasks in a responsible and conscientious manner. You should continue to preserve the honour and reputation of the Republic of Serbia and peace and security of its citizens”, Nikolic said.
Besides parade of the Guard units and a part of the Serbian Armed Forces units, as well as the performance of the Representative Orchestra of the Guard, at the ceremony today decorations were conferred on the units and institutions of the Serbian Armed Forces. President Nikolic handed over decorations to the 1st Army Brigade, the 2nd Army Brigade, the 3rd Army Brigade, the 4th Army Brigade, the Mixed Artillery Brigade, the 126th Air Surveillance, Early Warning and Guidance Brigade, the River Flotilla, the Centre for Applied Mathematics and Electronics, the Technical Overhaul Facility Cacak and Moma Stanojlovic Aviation Institute.
After the ceremonial parade, the Guard Commander Major General Milomir Todorovic presented President Nikolic with a photo album consisting of the photographs taken during his visits to the elite unit of the Serbian Armed Forces whereas the Defence Minister and the Chief of General Staff were presented with the statues of Prince Milos Obrenovic.
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