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Promotion of the book on Serbia-Greece diplomatic and allied relations

The book "Serbia-Greece diplomatic and allied relations 1912-1918" by Aleksandra Pećinar, PhD, has been promoted at the Central Military Club in Belgrade, today.

Промоција књиге о српско-грчким дипломатским и савезничким односима Besides the author, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic in Belgrade, His Excellency Mr Elias Eliadis, a historian Mile Bjelajac, PhD, editor Dragana Marković, and director of the house that combines publishing and informational activity of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, Colonel Stevica Karapandžin, spoke about a new publication of the Odbrana Media Centre.
Welcoming the audience, the Greek Ambassador pointed out that it is common belief that the Serbian-Greek relations have traditionally been good.

- However, this belief is also a trap, because we often overlook the fact that it is necessary to work on our relations, to develop and promote them. The same syndrome often exists also among family members, when we take the relationships with the closest ones for granted - Mr Eliadis said and recalled that the author of the book sheds light on precisely such relationship between the two friendly countries during the wars in the early 20th century, which have largely shaped the path of Serbia and Greece to the present days.
Промоција књиге о српско-грчким дипломатским и савезничким односима The guests were greeted also by the director of the Odbrana Media Centre, Colonel Stevica Karapandžin, who referred to the heroic saga of the Serbian army in Corfu, which, as he pointed out, most directly symbolizes the brotherly relations between the two nations, noting that the book by Aleksandra Pećinar has perfectly woven into the publishing policy of the institution which is based on the cultivation of the noblest military tradition of Serbian military ethos.
Speaking about the publication of the Odbrana Media Centre in which he appears as a reviewer, historian Mile Bjelajac, PhD, pointed out that the book is specific in representing an encounter between two views, two historiographies. He also stressed that the book by Aleksandra Pećinar was a contribution to a type of political culture but also a better understanding of the difficulties of small states in this region, but also wherever they are, on the way of great powers.
The author of the book, Aleksandra Pećinar, said that the book was inspired by the history of our glorious ancestors, and that it was dedicated to her grandfather, an academician and a warrior, Miladin Pećinar, one of the 1300 corporals.

Промоција књиге о српско-грчким дипломатским и савезничким односима – Studying the history of Serbian-Greek relations during the Balkan and the First World War was a kind of scientific challenge, because, despite the understanding of permeation and mutual understanding, these relations have not been sufficiently examined in the Balkan historiography – the author said and called it a kind of paradox.
She pointed out that the book, besides the commonly known points on friendly relations between the two countries, brought also new elements and there she mentioned details regarding the geo-strategic position of Serbia and Greece on the road of German expansion to the East, adding that it also brings the analysis of the national ideologies between the two countries.

Editor of the publishing activities of the Odbrana Media Centre, Dragana Marković, spoke about the book by Aleksandra Pećinar, which follows the diplomatic processes in the Serbian-Greek front in the period of the Balkan and the First World War, in which the reader will be introduced to the Greek reality of that time, characterized by distinct divisions, but will also learn about the players and fateful dilemmas of this friendly country.