Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The Challenges of Military Health Reform

The Minister of Defence, Zoran Đorđević held a meeting today on the subject of military health reform. The meeting provided an opportunity to analyse the proposed reform of military health as a whole, and of its constituents, including the Military Medical Academy. The attendance at the meeting included the State Secretary, Nenad Nerić, Assistant Minister for Human Resources, Miloš Janković, Head of Organisation Department of the Defence Policy Sector, Major General Slađan Đorđević, Deputy Head of Military Health Department, Colonel Dr Uglјeša Jovičić, and Acting Head of the Military Medical Academy, Colonel Prof Miroslav Vukosavlјević Dr.
Minister Đorđević together with his associates analysed the positive aspects of the proposed solutions, as well as the guidelines for their improvement. They primarily referred to functional joining of common services aimed at better organisation of military health, particularly in the sector of providing treatment.
During the meeting, further dynamics was agreed for the work of those engaged on the military health reform, in order to arrive at optimal solution at the shortest time, in the best interest of all – the users of military health services and the employees of the military health.