Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Working Group on the normalization of air traffic over the Province of Kosovo and Metohija

The Serbian government has set up a working group headed by Defence Minister Zoran Đorđević to deal with normalisation of civilian air traffic over the Kosovo and Metohija province, including reintroduction of flights from Belgrade to Pristina.
Additionally, the working group will deal with retaking a radar position on Mt Kopaonik to create conditions for secure air traffic control over Kosovo and Metohija.
“The setting up of a working group composed of representatives of relevant institutions shows readiness to continue the talks about these important issues, as well as a commitment to the protection of vital national interest, the development of peace and security and creating an atmosphere of trust in the region”, Minister of Defence Zoran Đorđević said adding that the current issues within the competence of the working group will be talked about in Serbia and Brussels, and the public will be informed.
The working group includes experts from the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Office for the Coordination of Affairs in the Process of Negotiation with the Provisional Institutions of Local Self-Government in Priština, Civil Aviation Directorate and Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Control Agency.