Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Registering in military records

Registering boys who will turn 18 this year in the military records has begun during January. A general request for registration in the military records has been made to boys born in 1999 and older, who have not been registered in the military records yet for some reason, to come to the centres of the Ministry of Defence in their towns and fulfil that legal obligation. One should bring ID card or in case they do not have it, some other public document which can serve as proof of identity.
Registering in the military records can be done in all centres of the Ministry of Defence for the local government every working day from 09.00 to 15.00. The general request for registration in the military records will last until the end of February. After that, individual requests will be delivered to the ones who have not responded to the general request.
Boys who reside abroad should exercise their right and fulfil the legal obligation in the closest embassy or consulate in the country of residence.
The ones who do not respond to the request for registration in the military records are subject to misdemeanour liability pursuant to Article 126 of the Law on the military, work and material obligation. At the same time, if military conscripts do not fulfil their legal obligation, and that is to be registered in the military records, the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Defence cannot issue the certificate about fulfilment of military obligation, which is necessary for the residence permit abroad or release from citizenship.
After the registration, they can do voluntary military service and they have the possibility for advancement in the professional composition of the Serbian Armed Forces later if they wish so. Thus they acquire numerous advantages, among which is a chance to get permanent employment.
You can find detailed information about registering in the military records at the Ministry of Defence website (part: military obligations), where you can download the Questionnaire for entering conscripts in the military records.