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New issue of ODBRANA

Terrorism of a non-state actor against a certain country or alliance represents an asymmetric conflict, the essence of which is that terrorists strive to their inferior military might try to compensate by performing sudden armed attacks in a completely unpredictable and unrepeatable way. In the new issue of Odbrana you can read about how Salafi extremists, kind lords of fear, do it and plan it, as well as about the actions of the members of our military police, promotion of the youngest generation of second lieutenants of the Serbian Armed Forces and power of positive thought in combating stress.
Novi broj OdbraneINTERVIEW – Colonel Rajko Milovanovic, Chief of the Military Police: PREVENTIVE ALERTNESS
IN FOCUS – Promotion of the youngest officers of the Serbian Armed Forces: FOLLOWING THE PATH OF THE SERBIAN GIANT HEROES
DEFENCE - Training of scouts of the Fourth Army Brigade: READY FOR ALL CONDITIONS
Best in the River Flotilla: SAILORS FOR MODEL
Decoration for the Serbian Defence Attaché in Germany: A DIPLOMAT IN UNIFORM
Major General Mark Bartman, Ohio National Guard Adjutant General: A DECADE MARKED BY PARTNERSHIP
SOCIETY – Useful beliefs against stress: THE POWER OF POSITIVE THOUGHTS
THE WORLD - Success of Salafi extremists: LORDS OF FEAR
One hundred seventy-seven years after the first photograph: IMMORTAL FOOTPRINT OF TIME
CULTURE – Soldiers in the history of Serbian literature - Prota Mateja Nenadovic: PICTURE OF REBELLIOUS SERBIA
The exhibition not to be missed: A WALK WITH PUPIN
FEUILLETON – The Eastern Question - the past and the present (2): DAVUTOGLU’S STRATEGIC DEPTH
HISTORY - Fortifications in Serbia – Karadjordje’s town: CAPITAL OF INSURGENTS
SPORT - Ivana Petrovic won third place in Belgrade "Nike" race: SPORT AS A LIFESTYLE
SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 152 – One hundred years of telecom service: IN THE SERVICE OF COMMAND
ODBRANA can be purchased at newsstands of STAMPA and FUTURA PLUS, in VOJNA KNJIGA book store in 22, Vasina St. in Belgrade at a price of 100 dinars and digital issue at portal