Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: To have a Pantsir means to guard your sky and your country

Today, The Commander of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade, Brigadier General Tiosav Janković, presented the Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin, with a Plaque with the original part of the "stealth" F-117 A aircraft that was shot down by the Third Air Defence Missile Battalion on 27 March 1999. The Minister was presented with the Plaque as a sign of gratitude for the cooperation and everything that he has done to strengthen the unit, improve the status of its members and return the wartime name to the unit.
  During the visit to the battalion of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade in the "Milan Tepić" barracks in Jakovo, in the presence of the Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence, Major General Duško Žarković, Minister Vulin was shown part of the operational capabilities of the Third Missile Battalion.
After the visit, Minister Vulin said that there is no military in the world that would give up the name and tradition of a unit such as the Third Air Defence Missile Battalion, which shot down the famous "stealth" F-117 A aircraft, an F-16 aircraft and successfully defended our country during the NATO aggression in 1999.
  - Some unreasonable people simply disbanded the unit with their political decisions. We brought it back. By the order of the Supreme Commander, the famous Third Air Defence Missile Battalion was re-established, the one that showed the world that Serbian Air Defence units are at the highest level and that they are always capable of defending their country. Thanks to the agreement between President Vučić and President Putin and some harsh measures which helped us provide enough money to buy the most modern equipment, the Third Air Defence Missile Battalion is now equipped with the Pantsir system. To have a Pantsir means to guard your sky and your country. To have a Pantsir means to rank among the best and most modern armed forces in the world - said Minister Vulin and added that what characterizes this unit is that almost 100% of its equipment is in good working order, and that its members are motivated and trained people who love their job and their country and thanks to whom we can all feel safe.
The Commander of the Third Air Defence Missile Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Momčilo Milinkov, said that members of that battalion today showed the emplacement of part of the Pantsir-S1 air defence rocket-artillery systems, their transition to standby number 1, battle crews working in command and combat vehicles, reloading of missiles from the delivery vehicles to combat vehicles, as well as the technical squad fixing a malfunction on the optoelectronic system of the Pantsir-S1 combat vehicle.
  - The benefit of equipping our unit with the Pantsir-S1 missile system is multiple. We can simultaneously engage a larger number of targets than we were able to before. The zone that we can protect against air attacks is also bigger. The manoeuvrability of the system is significantly greater. In terms of technology, this system is far more advanced than the systems we have had so far - emphasizes Lieutenant Colonel Milinkov and points out that the Pantsir system crews are trained and certified, and that they proved their ability to work on that system at the live-fire tactical exercise “Joint Action 2020” that was recently held in Pešter.