Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

A new 3,300-square-meter lodging facility for cadets of the Military Academy

Today, the Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin, visited the reconstructed 3,300 square-meter lodging facility for cadets and students at the Military Academy, with 66 air-conditioned rooms, offices and auxiliary rooms. The total value of the investment is 215 million dinars.

After the visit, Minister Vulin pointed out that the history of Serbia is the history of wars in the fight for freedom and that is why "it is so important and precious that Serbia never stops educating its officers, NCOs, all those who take care of the Serbian Armed Forces, who are a part of the Serbian Armed Forces and who will take care of the security of all the citizens of our country.”

- Every investment in the Military Academy is an investment in the quality of life of our cadets and an investment in the quality of training and education of our officers, those who lead the armed forces and those who will lead them in the future. The construction of a new and reconstruction of this building and the provision of a completely new accommodation for professors and students is the first major investment in the Military Academy since 1980. It is time to invest in the Military Academy, it is time to continue working and it is time to turn the Military Academy into what it deserves to be thanks to the quality of both its lecturers and its cadets - an educational institution of the highest rank, an educational institution we can be proud of in the country and in the world - said the Minister of Defence.

According to him, the history of Serbia is the history of the fight for freedom, and that is why military science is something that has always "belonged to Serbia, that was paid attention to and studied."

- Only this year, thanks primarily to the persistence of the members of the Military Academy and the Rectorate of the University of Defence, as well as the Ministry of Defence, military sciences have been recognized within the university community as military sciences for the first time. We hope that we will not stop there and that one day we will become a part of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, but a country which had Živojin Mišić, and such strategists, fighters, commanders who won all the wars, from the Balkan Wars to the First and Second World Wars, such strategists as Generals Pavković and Lazarević, deserves to have military sciences as special sciences which deserve special attention - Minister Vulin pointed out.

The reconstruction of the facility was carried out by the "Belgrade" Military Construction Centre of the Infrastructure Department, Sector for Material Resources.
Speaking about the work and reconstruction of the facility, the Head of the "Belgrade" Military Construction Centre, Lieutenant Colonel Milovan Ostojić, pointed out that the facility was designed and reconstructed for the needs of accommodating students of the Military Academy.

- The facility has 3,300 square meters, three apartments, 58 double rooms, eight single rooms, five offices, four kitchenettes - Lieutenant Colonel Ostojić emphasized, adding that each floor also has auxiliary rooms.

According to him, the building was reconstructed according to the latest regulations, and the complete reconstruction included the replacement of all installations, floors, ceilings, and all the rooms have bathrooms.

- The value of the investment is 215 million dinars, and I would especially like to emphasize that the facade was designed in accordance with energy efficiency standards, that all rooms are air-conditioned, and the equipment and furniture are made of the highest quality materials - said Lieutenant Colonel Ostojić, adding that all requirements have been met for students to be housed here.

Rector of the University of Defence, Lieutenant General Goran Radovanović,PhD, the Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General Bojan Zrnić, PhD, and the members of the Collegium of the Minister of Defence also visited the reconstructed lodging facility.