Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

President Vučić: Attacks on our defense industry are frequent and organized

The President of the Republic of Serbia and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vučić, said at the Press Conference tonight that attacks on Serbia’s defense industry were frequent, fierce, orchestrated and organized.

- Attacks on the defense industry are frequent, fierce, orchestrated and organized, and they always come from a country that, in this respect, represents intelligence sewage, as the professional circles call it. And it is always against the Serbian industry, on one hand because there is competition in factories in that particular country, and on the other because of the work done there for the intelligence sources of some other, larger Western countries – said President Vučić.

President Vučić highlighted the fact that citizens almost failed to notice that domestic intelligence and counterintelligence agencies managed to capture a Serb with 30.000 Euros in his hands, who was taking out technical and technological documentation for the production of 12.7mm ammunition from the “Prvi partizan” (“First Partisan”) factory in Užice, adding that 12.7 mm ammunition is the most sought-after type and that the Serbian national who received money for stealing of the documents and an Albanian national who was providing the money were arrested and brought to justice.

Fierce attacks on the factories “Krušik” from Valjevo and “Milan Blagojević” from Lučani are underway, President Vučić emphasized and added that the entire central and western Serbia, as regards the defense industry, are experiencing tremendous pressure and attempts to destroy it.

President Vučić said that the position of military neutrality implies that we must possess the means provided from our own sources – ammunition, weapons and equipment.

- You cannot survive as a military-neutral and strong country unless you possess a strong defense industry. That is why such fierce attacks on Serbian defense industry are occurring, that is why those who do not mean well to Serbia wish to devastate and destroy it at all costs – said the President of Serbia and stated that persons in charge of this issue will have to take certain measures and much more offensively tell the truth to the citizens of Serbia, so that they can understand the situation.

President Vučić said that even after the arrival of Mi-17 helicopters, weapons and spare parts for those helicopters, he expected further upgrading and strengthening of the Serbian Armed Forces and thanked Russia for its support in equipping of the Serbian Armed Forces.