Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Relations between Serbia and Srpska are now the strongest

- Until coming of President Vučić to power in the Republic of Serbia, our ties with the Republic of Srpska were good, brotherly and friendly, but without any effect. Now, you have relations which are the strongest where it is the most important. They are here to open new jobs; they are here to provide money required for functioning of municipalities when there is no money available. Since Aleksandar Vučić came to power, our relations are better than ever before, because they are effective and because they really change lives and they change them for the better – stressed Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin in Drvar today, where with Serbian member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik visited construction site at the new plant of “Jumko” in that city.
The overall investment in the plant is 500 thousand euros, or around a million of convertible marks – Minister Vulin emphasised, and the municipality of Drvar has received another million of euros from the Government of Republic of Serbia.
- The Republic of Srpska is our priority, our foreign policy priority and it will always be protected and preserved, just like all the Serbs no matter where they live – Minister of Defence sent a message in Drvar today.