Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The Second Day of “Serbian Armed Forces Cup - Karađorđevo 2019”

The second day of the event “Serbian Armed Forces Cup - Karađorđevo 2019” was marked by an exhibition and public evaluation for issuing licences for stallions of Lipizzaner race and by opening a revue segment of the competition of two horse teams and four-in-hand.

In the revue competition of precision race of senior two horse teams, the first place went to Nikola Cvijetićanin from Petrovaradin, while the second place was taken by a tandem driven by Akoš Berenji from the Equestrian Club “Favori” and the third place went to Stefan Stijavić from the Equestrian Club “Policajac” from Belgrade. The cups were conferred to the winners by Acting Director of Military Establishment “Morović” Lieutenant Colonel Zoran Vudragović.

In the competition of junior two horse teams, the champion’s cup was taken by Dejan Marjanović, while Tijana Ćosović from Doroslov won the second place and the third place went to Vladimir Milić, also from Doroslov. They received the cups from President of Lipizzaner Breeders' Association of Vojvodina Vjekoslav Papadopolo.
 In the hardest event, four-in-hand precision race, the winner was Dragan Trnjako from Stapar, the second place was won by Nikola Cvijetićanin from Petrovaradin, while the third place went to Mihajlo Antonić from Sombor. The cups were presented to them by Manager of the Horse Farm “Karađorđevo” Nebojša Zlatanović.

Panel of judges for the public evaluation of stallions consisted of Janez Rus from Horse Farm “Lipica” from Slovenia, Dr Nidal Korabi Secretary-General of LIF, and Dr Ljuba Štrbac from the Faculty of Agriculture from Novi Sad. They evaluation the horses’ appearance, temperament, gait and obedience.

Cultural and artistic part of the programme which ensued, included performance of Cultural and Artistic Ensembles “Šova” from Ravno Selo and “Koreni” from Bačka Palanka.

Tomorrow is going to be the main racing day that will be marked by four canter and four galloping races. Central events are the main galloping race “Serbian Cavalry Division” and the main canter race for the horses of up to three years “Čegar”.