Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Opening of “Serbian Armed Forces Cup - Karađorđevo 2019”

Event “Serbian Armed Forces Cup - Karađorđevo 2019” which is to take place this weekend on the hippodrome “Mladost”, was opened today in Karađorđevo.

The second “Serbian Armed Forces Cup” was officially opened by Director of Directorate for Standard Services Lieutenant Colonel Saša Jović and on that occasion he presented rich history of the horse farm “Karađorđevo”.

- The horse farm “Karađorđevo” was established in 1921 for the purposes of producing breeding stallions for the requirements of national horse-breeding, and in 1946 it became military horse-farm. It currently has 136 horses and 18 foals. With 15 derby winners, it is one of the most successful owners and breeders of horses in our country - Lieutenant Colonel Jović stressed.

On behalf of municipality Bačka Palanka, the gathered were addressed by President Branislav Šušnica inviting them to spend the following two days in Karađorđevo. He pointed out that he was exceptionally glad that after 15-year break, the “Serbian Armed Forces Cup” had been again organised in 2018, especially since “Both municipality of Bačka Palanka and local community Karađorđevo are used to living along with the Serbian Armed Forces”.

The opening of the event was accompanied by performance of Military Band from Niš and programme of the Cultural and Artistic Society “Kosta Abrašević” from Bačka Palanka.

On Saturday, all fans and admirers of horses and horse races will have an opportunity to enjoy in revue segment of competition of two-horse teams and four-in-hand and presentation and evaluation of stallions of Lipizzaner and Arabic race, while on Sunday, the main racing day will take place which will be marked by four canter and four galloping races.