Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Opening of Exhibition Dedicated to Jubilee of the Artistic Ensemble “Stanislav Binički“

On the occasion of marking 120th anniversary of existence of the Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence “Stanislav Binički”, today, an exhibition was opened in the Small Gallery of the Central Military Club titled “120 years with you”.

The exhibition, jointly organised by Media Centre “Odbrana”, “Artistic Ensemble “Stanislav Binički”, and National Museum of Kruševac, presents a part of the Legacy of Binički family which is kept in the National Museum of Kruševac, as well as a part of the set up dedicated to the work and authorship of the Artistic Ensemble.
On behalf of the Artistic Ensemble “Stanislav Binički”, the present were addressed by Head Commander Svetozar Vasileski who pointed out that it was a unique homage to military music and military musicians.

- We consider 1899 as the year when the first “Belgrade Military Band” was founded, which was at that time the first orchestra that could play symphonic music. It was founded by a man to whom the Republic of Serbia, we, the musicians and soldiers, have to show gratitude because not only was he a soldier, but he was also a culturologist and founder of military music – Commander Vasileski explained.

According to the leader of the orchestra, Major Nikola Živković, it is a great honour and obligation to be a member of the Ensemble that is named after Stanislav Binički.

- The great Binički is in this Small Gallery, and this is but one moment and one memory, since we cannot indeed remember everything that he envisaged, but through what is exhibited we can remember and try to solve the riddle of what his idea really was and try to follow that path – Major Živković underlined adding that at present the members of the Ensemble were musicians of all generations trying to be diverse in terms of genre and through a fusion of genres to meet all obligations and requirements expressed by the audience.

The exhibition was officially opened by Director of the National Museum of Kruševac Goran Vasić who underlined that he was grateful for the cooperation with the Media Centre “Odbrana” and Ensemble “Stanislav Binički”. He added that the exhibition contained the largest portion of the legacy of Stevan and Stanislav Binički and that it was the third time that the exhibition had been presented out of Kruševac.

Stanislav Binički left behind numerous works of classical music, which feature themes and melodic expression of these parts as their motif. He is the creator of the first Serbian opera “At Dawn” and of the famous “March to the Drina River”.

The visitors of the Small Gallery of the Central Military Club will have an opportunity to see the exhibition by 19th October.