Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Another of Haradinai’s Lies

“This is yet another proof what a liar Ramush Haradinai is. And I will remind you that he told our Prime Minister that it is not that Serbian officials are forbidden for enter the territory of Kosovo and Metohija. Another lie is revealed. Once again we are witnessing the violation of all agreements”, said Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin in Niš, when he was asked to comment on the prohibition of entry of the Military Healthcare delegation, which he was supposed to lead, at Kosovo and Metohija territory to visit CHC Kosovska Mitrovica.

Minister Vulin pointed out that this is not the biggest violation of the agreement. “They did not establish the Community of Serb majority municipalities, they broke the Brussels agreement, Hashim Thaci is a man who openly said that he lied when he signed the Brussels agreement and that he had no intention of complying with what he had promised or honoring what he himself had signed. Ramush Haradinai and his government have once again proved that they are liars who do not wish to have Serbs at the territory of Kosovo and Metohija. They want the territory, they want the country.”

The Minister added that they wanted a hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica but they did not want doctors in that hospital. “They want a hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica but not the doctors from the Military Medical Academy to come; and it has been six years, ever since I was the Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija that they have been coming to Kosovska Mitrovica and using their knowledge to help people. They even go to Gračanica and help both Serbs and Shiptars. They do not ask for names of the patients, only what they are suffering from. That is the people they have forbidden to enter the territory of Kosovo and Metohija. "

“We have exposed yet another lie, and I am not happy about that. I was hoping that this time, for a change, they would speak the truth and that tomorrow we would be able to be with the Kosovars in Kosovska Mitrovica, to talk to them, to see ways in which to help them, how to make the lives easier for them, to simply make them happy once again with another visit by doctors from the MMA. Unfortunately, this time we were not allowed to do it,” said Minister Vulin, adding that he hoped that “this time the international community will have the strength to say, not to call on both sides for containment, because I do not know what we should refrain from, perhaps we must refrain from helping people; that they will have the courage to say that this is another violation of the Agreement and that they should bear in mind that the movement of people is guaranteed.”