Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin meets Western Military District Commander General Zhuravlyov

Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin has met today with the Commander of the Western Military District of the Russian Federation, General Aleksandr Zhuravlyov.
At the meeting, they assessed that defence cooperation between Serbia and Russia is developing more and more, especially in terms of military-to-military cooperation. This is primarily supported by carrying out joint exercises, particularly the exercise of the Western Military District, which included members of the Serbian Army last year.
Minister Vulin thanked for the participation of the representatives of the Russian Armed Forces led by Deputy Commander of the Western Military District, General Igor Seritski, and for the materiel at the recently held demonstration of capabilities in Niš, on the occasion of marking the Victory Day, which is also a confirmation of the highly developed cooperation
The minister of defence stressed that the strategic goal of the defence cooperation with the Russian Federation is to further develop military economic cooperation in order to equip the Serbian Armed Forces with modern armaments, emphasising the military education as highly developed as well.
General Zhuravlyov expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation achieved with the Serbian Army, and the possibilities for further enhancement and strengthening of defence cooperation are being considered.