Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Commanders of the heroic brigades visit exhibition “Defence 78”

Commanders of the heroic units that were engaged in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija and other military units of the Yugoslav Army in the period 1998-1999, have made a tour of the exhibition “Defence 78” in the Museum of the City of Belgrade, today, together with Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin and General Milan Mojsilović, Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces.
During the tour of the exhibition devoted to marking the 20th anniversary of the defence against the NATO aggression, the then commander of the 549th Motorised Brigade, General Božidar Delić, pointed out that it is after 20 years that an exhibition was made which returns the participants to the time of the heroic defence.
–  From the first scene to the end, we know the pictures and the details, we know weapons, but I can say that I am also thrilled with both the space and the environment in which the setting is located and the way it was done. I think this is an absolutely good way, not for us who participated, but for the younger generations and all the guests who come to Serbia, regardless of whether they were friends or enemies at that time, to visit the exhibition and to see all the things that happened than –  retired general Delić said congratulating both for the initiative and the author's team of the exhibition.
Among those who visited the exhibition “Defence 78”, there was also General Ljubiša Diković, former commander of the 37th Motorised Brigade, who gave credit to all those who participated in the design and setting up of this exhibition in any way.
- I did not expect to live long enough to see such an exhibition, here in Belgrade. The exhibition is for the pride of all those who participated in the defence against the NATO aggression in 1999, in any way. The exhibition is also for directing our young generations, but the exhibition is also for the shame of those who attacked us infamously in 1999. An exhibition that can direct, remind and orient –  retired general Diković stressed, adding that this exhibition should be seen by those who have Serbia at their hearts, but also by those who have done a lot of harm to our country in 1999.
Speaking about the impressions after visiting the exhibition, police general Obrad Stevanović pointed out that they are so strong that there is almost no one that can be singled out, congratulating both those who designed it and those who realised it.
–  In my opinion, after 20 years, this is the best way to express the unity of the army, police and people in the defence of Serbia and FR Yugoslavia against the NATO aggression. This is also for keeping memory of the fighters, heroes, and above all the victims of aggression, to become permanent –  retired general Stevanović emphasised and added that he recommended the exhibition to everyone – both friends and enemies.
According to general Miroslav Lazović, the commander-in-chief of the 250th AD Missile Brigade, who was at the opening event, the exhibition is something that is worthwhile and meaningful, and a place “where people can see for themselves everything we have been talking about or what we have been silent about for the past 20 years”.
- The exhibition follows events from the beginning to the end, it returns you to the times that have been and that have passed, which were difficult, dignified. This exhibition as well can be rated as extremely dignified, marking everything that is significant for 1999. The final segment of the exhibition is a period that is not forgotten and which, unfortunately, continues to these days –  retired general Lazović said.
The exhibition has been visited today also by General Dragoljub Ojdanić, Chief of General Staff of the Yugoslav Army, General Mladen Ćirković, commander of the 15th Armoured Brigade, General Milos Đošan, commander of the 52nd AD Artillery-Missile Brigade, General Stojan Konjikovac, commander of the forward command post of the 549th Motorised Brigade, Colonel Dragan Mlađen, commander of the Fire Brigade for Belgrade, Colonel Ljubomir Savić, commander of the 58th Light Infantry Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Radomir Aleksandrić, commander of the 52nd CBRN Battalion, and Major General Ilija Todorov, commandet of the 63rd Parachute Brigade and Colonel Duško Šljivančanin, commander of the 53rd Border Battalion.
The actors in the events of 1999 and the commanders of the war units, who were today in the role of visitors of the exhibition, agree that the exhibition “Defence 78” should remain as a permanent setting, bearing in mind the importance of the events to which it is dedicated but also the necessity that it should remain as a reminder of NATO aggression 1999 for the future generations.
The exhibition “Defence 78” by Dušan Jovović, is a multimedia and interactive setting divided into eight parts, and it shows, for the first time, video and printed materials that have not been shown to the public yet.