Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Analysis of the preparations for defence of the country in 2018

Annual analysis of the execution of defence preparations planning in 2018, led by the Head of the Department for Defence Obligations of the Ministry of Defence, Colonel Dragan Kotarlić, has been held today at the Guard Club at Topčider.
The participants analysed the execution of defence planning activities in the past period, the level of development, conformity and the number of approved defence plans, in accordance with the Defence Plan of the Republic of Serbia, and they defined the tasks for work in 2019.
Mr Aleksandar Živković, State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, pointed out that this ministry, that is, the Department for Defence Obligations, as the responsible structure for the coordination of defence preparations at the level of the Republic, together with the defence system entities, was making efforts to fully implement the decentralised principle of planning defence preparations, helping all to draft the planning documents in a quality manner, which ensures smooth functioning of the country in the state of emergency and war.
- It is important to strengthen the awareness that the security of the country is a shared responsibility and obligation of all, and that problems can be overcome only through cooperation and fulfillment of obligations by those in charge of the defence preparations, Živković said, adding that in the year behind us the Ministry of Defence launched the process of rejuvenation and training of the reserve element of the Serbian Armed Forces due to the suspension of military service obligation.
State Secretary Živković presented the letters of appreciation for successful cooperation with the Ministry of Defence, among others, to the Ministry of Interior, Sector for Emergency Management, and the City of Belgrade, for the quality attitude toward defence preparations planning and for the successful cooperation, as well as for creating favourable conditions for the work of territorial bodies of the Ministry of Defence.
Colonel Kotarlić informed the attendees about the organisational changes in the system during which the Sector for Civil Defence and Defence Preparations was formed, and the Department for Defence Obligations was reinforced with the department that is the holder of new functions. He also spoke about the reorganisation of territorial bodies of the Ministry of Defence.
The Topčider gathering was also attended by representatives of the ministries in the Serbian Government, the National Public Prosecutor's Office, representatives of the City of Belgrade, local self-government, representatives of the Serbian defence industry and of the defence system, state institutions, special organisations and companies.