Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Analysis of the State, Operational and Functional Capabilities of the Army

Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilović, attended the analysis of the state, operational and functional capabilities of the Army in 2018, which was led by the Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović.

The most responsible officers of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Army, analysed the elements of the state, operational and functional capabilities of the Army in 2018. During the analysis, they reviewed achievements, and problems and suggested measures for the enhancement of the state.
At today’s analysis, the 43rd Self-propelled howitzer-artillery division was declared the best Army unit, while the best base in the Ground Safety Zone is the base “Vrapce”, and the best guard service of the Ground Safety Zone in 2018 was the guard service of the military facility “Donji Komren”. On that occasion, the Army Commander General Simović presented travelling flags and plaques to the Commander of the 43rd self-propelled howitzer-artillery division, Lieutenant Colonel Miodrag Mladenović, Major Predrag Milićević from the Third Army Brigade and First Sergeant Ljubiša Đorđević from the Mixed Artillery Brigade. 
In the framework of today’s analysis, a static display was organised of the weapons and equipment of the Army units.

The analysis, held in the Military Club in Niš, was attended by the members of extended Board of the General Staff, commanders of the brigades and autonomous battalions of the Army, and representatives of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces.