Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Meeting between State Secretaries of the ministries of defence of Serbia and Slovenia

Following the conclusion of the conference of the SEDM Regional Initiative, a bilateral meeting of state secretaries in the ministries of defence of Serbia and Slovenia, Bojan Jocić and Klemen Grošelj has been held today.
At the meeting it was noted that defence cooperation between the two ministries was developed, characterized by high-level meetings realised through bilateral visits and meetings on the sidelines of joint session of the two governments.
State Secretary Jocić stressed that the Serbian Ministry of Defence was committed to improving defence cooperation with the Slovenian Ministry of Defence, especially in the areas of military-educational, military-economic and military-medical cooperation.
Also, cooperation is possible in the activities implemented through bilateral and regional initiatives – joint exercises, cooperation of special units, utilisation of South Base and participation in activities at the CBRN Center in Kruševac.