Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

President Vučić: “Teleoptik-Žorpskopi” was a closed factory, but today, it thrives with great hope

President of the Republic of Serbia and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić, accompanied by Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulim, Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Ljubiša Diković and Assistant Minister of Defence for Material Resources Dr Nenad Miloradović, visited today the economic subject “Teleoptik-Žiroskopi” in Zemun.
The company“Teleoptik-Žiroskopi” from Zemun, deals with production of the most sophisticated parts for missiles, guidance systems and optical and optoelectronic sighting devices.
During the tour, President Vučić was informed about the process of equipment of the factory in line with the investment programme of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which granted 6.86 million euros to that company. The president was also briefed on the achieved level of development of certain systems in the field of rocket materiel, assault navigation system for aircraft, and optical and optoelectronic devices for the armaments.
As Vučić pointed out 50-60% of the machines are the newly purchased ones.
- In the machine in this room, you can see how and how much complex configurations one can make in as short as possible time. The products of this company are made by us, manufactured in the factory “Teleoptik”. We produce here the engines for the guidance of war heads, for guidance of missiles, and that is something that is vital for us. In a way, I cannot say that it is the heart of the system, but the brains of the Serbian defence industry system is here and I am pleased to see hard working people, engineers, and the people who are the brains of our country are soon to receive a significant increase of salaries. We have to retain them and keep them from leaving to other companies – Vučić said and stressed that the situation was much better since the „Teleoptik“ had been a closed factory, and then it thrived with great hope.
- These people have a great heart and great energy and they expect that the things will be even better. In keeping with the programme adopted a year ago, we are to invest additional five million for the “Teleoptik”, and we talked today with the Director about the possibility to establish the production of optics, so that we do not have to import it. The Serbian Armed Forces order more and more of the products, 850 sighting devices plus 500 sighting devices used for the project 1500, but they also order from abroad, from Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. The factory thrives; our factories used to be at the level of 1960s and 1970s, and we are only now reviving them trying to get closer to the modern world. There are 12000 people working in Serbian defence industry in the part of it that is state owned, and not including the privately owned ones, but all together there are around 21000 people. I will give you just one fact – in 2012, the overall export of our arms, weapons and ammunition was $154 million USD, and last year the amount was $569 million USD, while we expect that this year the figure will be more than $630 USD. Hence, the exports of Serbian defence industry quadrupled. I am proud of it and I wish to thank the Ministry of Defence and the Government, and I think that we have done a great job, and there are still some good factories in which we have to invest – said President Vučić.
Director of the company “Teleoptik-Žiroskopi” Milan Nastić, thanked President Vučić for coming that day to see the manner in which the resources allocated by the Government had been spent.
- I would also thank the Ministry of Defence which enabled us to receive the significant funds upon the proposal of the Government. There were few people who believed in“Teleoptik-Žiroskopi”, but we believed in it, we made effort and worked, and that took self-sacrificing, desire, knowledge and experience. I would like to thank then Prime Minister, present President of Serbia, who also believed in us and I think that this company has provided dignified work conditions for our workers. I am glad that finally there is this notion that the company “Teleoptik-Žiroskopi” must exist in Serbia – nastić said and added that the company produced for both national and foreign markets.
- The prosperity of the “Teleoptik” with the future investments is unstoppable. We have hired 50 new staff in previous five months, and we plan to hire additional 100 people-Nastić said and expressed his hope that the company would depend as little as possible on the import in the future and that it would have more and more of autonomous products.
As the result of the investments in the modern equipment, the company presented today new technologies for the products’ surface protection by application of nanoparticles, production of printed plates by automated application of components, renovated and equipped white room for final calibration and assembly of optical and optoelectronic systems.
In the military programme, the company deals with development and production of guidance and launching devices, self-guided heads for AD missiles and air-to-surface missiles, gyro stabilised assemblies, optical, optoelectronic and sighting devices, parts of operating systems, avionics for aircraft and other. Among all defence industry companies “Teleoptik-Žiroskopi” has the potential to be a leader in development and production of high technology devices and components and to be a key factor in the production of guided missile weapons and systems for fire control for the needs of the Serbian Armed Forces and the market.
The company is an important partner of other defence industry companies since it produces the sighting devices for mortars, optical devices of combat vehicles and optoelectronic systems and fire control systems.