Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Visit from the Minister of Defence to the European Defence Agency

Today Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin visited the European Defence Agency in Brussels where he met its Chief Executive Jorge Domecq.

The visit was an occasion to analyse the results of the cooperation achieved so far and to exchange opinions about politico-security situation in the region.
During the discussion with Ambassador Domecq, Minister Vulin emphasised that the Republic of Serbia was military neutral country and that as such it could cooperate with its partners both in the East and West. He stated that the European Defence Agency is a very important partner with which Serbia cooperates in the fields of military medicine, demining of unexploded ordnance and helicopter training which is highly important for the Serbian Armed Forces having in mind the provision of new helicopter systems by which we are  strengthening our armed forces.
- The assistance of the European Defence Agency is also very significant to us when it comes to being included in the European market, particularly of the ammunition produced by our defence industry and that is why certain standardisation processes have been defined that can be done with the European Defence Agency, and that is something that is of the utmost significance – the minister of defence said.
Minister Vulin positively assessed the cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the European Defence Agency achieved in the previous period stating that the Republic of Serbia was strongly oriented towards its further enhancement.
- We will continue our cooperation and I believe that we will advance it to mutual benefit, since Serbia does have something to learn but it also has something to show to its European partners – Minister Vulin concluded.
Today’s visit from the delegation of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia has a special significance because it is the first visit from the minister of defence to the headquarters of the European Defence Agency since the establishment of mutual cooperation which was initiated by signing the Administrative Agreement in 2013.