Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Free checkups for women in military hospitals will continue next week

As of today, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia is organizing free medical examinations for women for early detection of cervical and breast cancer, in the Military Medical Academy and military hospitals in Niš and Novi Sad.
Today, at the Novi Sad Military Hospital, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin saw firsthand that the interest of ladies for examinations was high, and that the female patients who made appointments were satisfied with the service and professionalism shown by military doctors.
- The Ministry of Defence will support the efforts of the state leadership of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, that everyone makes what is possible in their domain in order to win the fight against white plague and the birth rate in our country to be higher. That is exactly why we invited all interested female citizens to go for cervical cancer and breast cancer screening - Minister Vulin said, expressing his satisfaction with the big turnout, and announced that the campaign, which was planned to last only one week, will be extended.
He stressed that such great turnout deserves dedication to any female fellow-citizen and to allow free access to all military institutions dealing with medical care.
- It is required for our female members to have mandatory examination for cervical cancer and breast cancer, and this is something we will do every day. But it is also for all our other women, for all other female fellow-citizens in our military facilities, and we will work on prevention and preservation of health of each of our women - Minister Vulin said, reminding that from 1st January untill today, in the Serbian Armed Forces, 253 cases of solidarity assistance for the birth of a child in the amount of a national average salary.
That means, he said, 253 new members of our society, noting that the Serbian Armed Forces will do everything to enable parents for their parenthood to be easier and to encourage birth.
- Because of this, besides solidarity assistance for the birth of a child, we have determined that the Serbian Armed Forces will pay four artificial insemination attempts. We moved the age limit from 42 to 44, we enabled couples without children to get another chance to get a child, even for those couples who have children, but wishing to get children in this way as well, they also are given the opportunity of artificial insemination, Minister Vulin said, adding that the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces will do their utmost to ensure that the birth rate in Serbia is positive and that the white plague is the past.
Ana Gajić was among the citizens of Novi Sad who took advantage of today's free-screening campaign.
- Free examinations mean a lot, because regular examinations are difficult to make appointment for them and we always put priority to something else rather than to our health - she said, stressing that she is extremely satisfied with the service at the Novi Sad Military Hospital.
At the time when she had appointment, Biljana Stupić entered the medical office.
- Today I managed to complete a gynecological examination and now I will do mammography. The service and the organisation are exceptional and I am grateful to the Ministry of Defence for allowing us to have such examination - Stupić pointed out.
Today's visit to the Novi Sad Military Hospital was attended by Commander of the First Brigade Brigadier General Zeljko Petrović, Head of the Military Health department Colonel Uglješa Jovičić and Head of the Novi Sad Military Hospital Colonel Bratoljub Brkljača.
During this week, gynecologists, radiologists, surgeons, pathologists and cytologists will be available at the Military Medical Academy and military hospitals in Niš and Novi Sad, from 10 am to 2 pm. In addition to gynecological examinations including ultrasound, PAPA test and colposcopy, ultrasound examinations of the breast and mammography are also performed.