Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Employees in the Military, the Ministry of the Interior and the BIA get 10 percent salary increment

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Interior Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin and Director of the Security Information Agency Bratislav Gašić talked today about the improvement of the status of all members of the security services and announced that as of next year, workers in this sector will get 10% salary increment.

Stefanović, Vulin and Gašić agreed at the meeting as well that these three institutions, with the support of the Serbian government, will enter into a joint housing project for members of the police, the military and the BIA, in order to thus improve the material living standard of the employees.
"After the talks with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić on the living standard of the police, the military and the BIA, we came to a solution supported by the president, to raise the salaries of the members of these three important government institutions that take care of the security of the Serbian citizens by 10 percent in the next year," Minister Stefanović stressed.
According to him, participants in the meeting also discussed how to contribute so that the life of the members of these security services, who perform the most important duties for the Republic of Serbia, be as quality as possible.
"With Minister Aleksandar Vulin and Director of BIA, Bratislav Gašić, I talked also about how we can contribute to raising the material living standard of the employees by better quality housing construction, which President Vučić supported and tasked us with making plans on the basis of which we will begin to improve the capacities for resolving housing issues of all members of our services in the next and the following years," Stefanović said.
Pointing out that these three security services will continue to cooperate, the minister of the police thanked the minister of defence and director of the BIA for excellent cooperation in the joint and daily performance of tasks in combating all negative phenomena.
"This kind of good cooperation to protect our country from all possible forms of threats shows that the Republic of Serbia takes care of its citizens. By taking care of members of the military, the police and the BIA, we will show that we are sincerely grateful to the people who devoted their lives to preserving the security of our country and who show, by their everyday hard work, how much they love their country," Stefanović concluded.
Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin pointed out that the salary increment will certainly mean to the members of the security sector, but also that the new housing construction concept will be more significant.
"Members of the security structures, whether in the police, the military, or the Security Information Agency are doing exactly the same job. Each of us has dedicated our lives to preserving the stability and security of our country and the security of every citizen of our country," Vulin said.
The Defence Minister added that this is why all problems, including problems of status and problems of material nature, should be addressed within the entire security sector, not individually as military, police or BIA, but uniquely.
"The increase in salaries will surely mean a lot to us, but the of new housing construction concept will mean even more than anything else, where, after many decades of waiting, we will be working on solving the housing issue of all members in the security sector," Vulin said.
According to him, the state in this way shows how much it cared for having strong and satisfied members of the military, the police and the Security and Information Agency.
"The President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić was clear – he wants the security system, he wants the security structures that the state is taking care of and who can say, together with their families, that they live in a country that loves and respects them," Vulin said.
Director of the Security and Information Agency Bratislav Gašić pointed out that so far the agency has not had regulated relations when it comes to the allocation of apartments and added that apart from the salary increment for the employees, the project of joint housing construction is a big step forward.
"I think it is something that is happening for the first time in the Security and Information Agency after 50 years and more.  We owe a great gratitude to the President of the Republic who recognized the importance of Serbia's security system, and I hope that in the forthcoming period we will also raise some other resources that are necessary for all the lines of our work," Gašić said.
The BIA director pointed out that members of the security services are responsible for the peaceful life of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia.
"There have been so many significant events in Serbia in the last year. Credit for the peaceful life of citizens certainly goes to the police, the military and the BIA. Do not forget events such as Exit, Guča, do not forget all events throughout Serbia where there was not even the smallest incident, and the credit for that should certainly be given to members of the security structures of Serbia," Gašić emphasized.