Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin in “Krušik”

Minister of Defence AleksandarVulin visited today the company “Krušik“ Ltd. in Valjevo.
On that occasion, the minister of defence met Director-General MladenPetković and the management of that defence industry company, as well as the representatives of the union after which followed a visit to the plant for mechanical processing “Fuse shop”.
The management of “Krušik“ informed Minister Vulin about the state of affairs, achieved business results, degree of the realisation of initiated investments, plans for the future and about the undertaken measures for the safety of the employees in the process of production.
Minister Vulin underlined that the overall value of export contracts of Serbian defence industry together with the SDPR, amounts to 754 million dollars US and that the growth in exportsin this year would be 20 per cent.
- We expect that Serbian defence industry will continue behaving in such a way, continue the production and carry on the work, and using “Krušik“ as an example, show that it is possible to rebuild what was once destroyed, and that it is possible to expand the production by means of our own resources, hire the workers, pay them properly, concurrently competing on the world market. The Serbian defence industry shows that it is feasible, and the Government of the Republic of Serbia will continue pursuing the policy of previous President of the Government, Mr Vučić, of intensively investing in the Serbian defence industry. It is our chance, it is our territory, that is our opportunity to respond to the needs of the global market and thus to generate significantly greater revenues – Minister Vulin emphasised adding that it was the opportune time for the investments.
According to his words, the world marked was at that moment rather favourably disposed in terms of our production programme, but no one could certainly say how long that interest would last.
- It is up to us to take this opportunity now when Serbian defence industry has been given a great space on the global market for its products so that the surplus value, surplus money that we earn is reinvested in defence industry in order to prepare it for some future events, some future changes – Minister Vulin concluded.
DirectorMladenPetković underscored that “Krušik“ at that moment employed 2640 workers, some of them being young engineers and at that moment it was the company of Serbian defence industry with the largest number of the employees.
- Since 2014 until today, we have hired 1500 new workers in order to honour the contractual obligations within timeframes agreed in the contracts. Currently the value of contracted work amounts to 276 million US dollars and our capacities will be engaged for entire 2017, 2018 and 2019. As it is, it seems that “Krušik“ will set historical record this year in terms of the scope of production and export, and the export it will surpass the old record by 80 million US dollars – Petković highlighted.