Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Excellent Cooperation with Italy

The Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin met with Ambassador of the Republic of Italy, Giuseppe Manzo, who congratulated him on the appointment to the new duty.

Minster Vulin expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the cooperation between Serbia and Italy actively contributed to the achievement of the most important priority of the Government of the Republic of Serbia – accelerated accession to the European Union and because of the fact that Italy renders support to Serbia on it European path.

-This year, our two countries are marking 138 years of diplomatic relations which are the proof that the Republic of Italy is not solely a friend but a strategic partner, and another evidence of our close relations was the presence of the Minster of Defence Pinotti at the inauguration of President Aleksandar Vučić- Minister Vulin pointed out.

Vulin stressed that the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces remained devoted to key areas of cooperation which are: education and professional advancement, joint participation in peacekeeping missions, military to military cooperation (special units and teams training for disposal of UXOs, cooperation in the field of Air Force), intelligence-reconnaissance activity and military medical cooperation.

During 2017, the cooperation will be additionally improved by participation in joint exercises, and the crown of the cooperation certainly is the joint participation in multinational operations, particularly the joint engagement in the UN mission in Lebanon, as well as the joint engagement in the EU mission for training of military and security forces in Mali (EUTM Mali), which provides an active contribution to the enhancement of bilateral relations.

-I would particularly point out military economic cooperation between the two countries, and recent visits from the representatives of companies “Beretta” and “Leonardo” are yet another confirmation of the mutual interest in further development of such cooperation - Minister Vulin said.

Minister Vulin particularly thanked for the professional engagement of the members of Italian Armed Forces within KFOR.

-We are satisfied with the fact that, in the period to come, there will be no reduction in numbers of members of Italian Armed Forces within KFOR – which confirms the awareness of the significance of the situation not solely for the peace in Kosovo, but for the entire region as well. We strive to peacefully enable a normal life to Serbian community in the area of Kosovo and Metohija, where we consider KFOR to be the partner and factor of stability – Vulin emphasised.

He added that Serbia did everything to prevent the creation of the so called “Kosovo Armed Forces” which we consider to be an open violation of the UN SC Resolution 1244 and Military Technical Agreement from Kumanovo.

In the segment of the discussion dedicated to the migrant crisis, the interlocutors agreed that all the events from the previous period clearly underscored that it was only together that we could fight against terrorism and other asymmetric security threats that know no boundaries.

Minister Vulin informed the Ambassador about his intention to decorate in the forthcoming future, the previous KFOR Commander, Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta for his contribution during his mandate in KFOR.