Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Sending off contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces to MINUSCA peacekeeping operation

The send-off ceremony for the sixth rotation of the Serbian Armed Forces contingent to the United Nations peacekeeping operation in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) has been organized in the "Banjica 2" barracks in Belgrade today
The ceremony was attended by Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin and his associates, the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Ljubiša Diković, with members of the extended collegium, representatives of the organizational units of the Ministry of Defence and families and friends of the peacekeepers.
Addressing the Serbian peacekeepers, Minister Vulin reminded that it has been for the sixth time that the famous Serbian flag goes to the Central African Republic.
 - What is more important than where it goes to is that it has been for the sixth time that the best ones among us make Serbia's fame resound there far away. Tens of thousands of examined patients, hundreds of the most complex surgical interventions, and every time there were the words of praise and admiration for the people we sent to represent our country, who carry the flag of Serbia, that has never returned defiled, the minister said, extending them words of gratitude on behalf of the Ministry of Defence and the Republic of Serbia, because the Serbian peacekeepers always "carried the flag high and returned it with honour", but also did everything and "showed that it is possible that big nations talk about a small country".
- You have chosen a call that is not only humane, but also difficult, and for which you are obliged to always be on the side of the person who suffers, we send you such a message, that you do not allow the force and violence to be applied to the weak, but also to make us proud as we have always been because you are members of the Serbian Armed Forces, the famous, brave and honoured armed forces about which you can hear the legend, but you cannot hear any bad word, the minister said, adding that they do not go to Africa only as doctors or medical practitioners, But also as ambassadors of our country, as its highest representatives.
He added that their knowledge, persistence, honesty and courage depend on how some people will think about us and our country there far away.
- That's why we send the best ones so that only the best is talked and thought about us, and we who are staying will think about you, we will be proud of you and will look forward to your return and any news from you, the Minister of Defence said. 
The Serbian Armed Forces contingent, consisting of 70 members - 17 officers, 8 non-commissioned officers, 4 professional soldiers, 41 civilian personnel who will be engaged at the Serbian military hospital, on providing medical care for the UN forces in the operation MINUSCA over the next six months.
In the contingent consisting of a military hospital role 2, the command and logistic support unit includes 24 female members, accounting for 40 per cent of all the members.
The commander of the Serbian contingent in the MINUSCA mission will be Colonel Jadranko Jukić, from the School of National Defence, and commander of the military hospital in the sixth rotation will be Colonel Zoran Dimović. 
Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin handed over the flag of the Republic of Serbia to the Serbian Contingent Commander, Colonel Jukić, who said that he received the flag with professional and military responsibility, and pointed out that the contingent was prepared to be sent to the area of operation and that all tasks would be carried out with dignity and responsibility, being proud that they are representing the Serbian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defence and the Republic of Serbia.