Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Defence Minister meets with representatives of the Trade Union “Sloga”

The Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic has talked with representatives of Serbian United Trade Union “Sloga” including the members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.

Састанак са представницима синдиката „Слога“ 
The representatives of the Trade Union “Sloga” thanked the Defence Minister for the fact that their proposals presented at the previous meeting encountered understanding at the Ministry of Defence and contributed to concrete improvement for the employees whose interest they represent.
Having in mind that the employees in the military health care system are the target group of this trade union, they commended the reforms conducted by the Ministry in this field and supported the idea of starting the procedure for admission of 130 nurses, admission into professional military service after completion of voluntary military service and admission of reserve soldiers from the records of the regional centres of the Ministry of Defence in the forthcoming period.
Састанак са представницима синдиката „Слога“ 
Expressing interest for the status of the employees in the company FAP from Priboj, whose interests they also represent, the representatives of the Trade Union got information that owing to the intervention of the Government and Ministry of Defence this factory got the chance “to return to life” and possibility to start production again, which would preserve vacancies, further development and modernization of production technology, as well as the way to enter the Serbian Defence Industry.
Since such plans were not familiar to the representatives of the Trade Union “Sloga”, Minister Djordjevic stressed that the direct exchange of information and proposals was the point of meetings with representatives of the trade unions in order to have better economic and professional status of the employees.
Talking about the measures undertaken by the Ministry of Defence in this respect, Djordjevic emphasized that the problems of members of the Serbian Armed Forces and employees at the Ministry of Defence could not be solved by unreal requests and in streets, but by a dialogue indicating concrete problems, which can be easily solved with a will.