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10 Nov 2014
Minister of Defence Bratislav Gasic will pay an official visit to Belarus on November 10-12, where he will meet with Minister of Defence Lieutenant General Yury Viktorovich Zhadobin.
14 Oct 2014
Representatives of the Air Forces and Air Defence of the Armed Forces of Serbia and the acro group “Strizi” of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation will hold a joint press conference ...
13 Oct 2014
Dress rehearsal of the military parade “March of the Victorious” will be held tomorrow, October 14, at 15.30 in Nikola Tesla Boulevard.
13 Oct 2014
Military parade organized on the occasion of marking 70 years since the liberation of Belgrade in the Second World War and 100 years since the beginning of the Great War will be held on October 16, ...
13 Oct 2014
Promotion of the study "The Position of Women in the Armed Forces in the Western Balkans" will be held tomorrow, October 14, at the Central Military Club in Belgrade (19 Brace Jugovica ...