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11 Jul 2014
131st Infantry Class of Reserve Officers has two two-meter-tall Junior Sergeants – one is 2, 11 m tall and the other 2, 05 m. The taller one is Pavle Koprivica from Vrbas, and the other is ...
19 Jun 2014
The joyful news that he had become a father came to Lieutenant Marko Mladenovic, Commander to the Mine-hunter 335 of the Riverine Flotilla, during the exercise “Blue Response 2014” on ...
13 Jun 2014
Members of the Air Force and the Air Defence of the Armed Forces of Serbia have conducted their first flight in their special aircraft – a target tug aircraft “Super Seagull” ...
06 Jun 2014
On the last day of May, after exactly forty years, hallways, classrooms and auditoriums of the Military Grammar School in Belgrade, were filled with the murmur of those who had left it back in ...
20 Maj 2014
The swollen Sava River threatened Sabac on the first day of the floods, immediately after the tragedy in Obrenovac. Learning from experience in Obrenovac municipality, citizens of Sabac did not ...