Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Continued development of cooperation with Chinese companies

Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic and Dai Ning, Vice President of Poly Technologies Inc., discussed the development of cooperation in the defence industry.

They talked about enhancing the military-economic and military-technical cooperation through possible investment of the Chinese company in Public Enterprise Yugoimport SDPR and the Serbian defence industry and possibilities for work on joint research and development projects in the field of arms and military equipment (AME).

Minister Djordjevic thanked for the expressed willingness of the Poly Technologies Inc. to invest in Yugoimport SDPR and companies of the Serbian defence industry, which are very important and vital growing segment of the Serbian economy.

The defence minister recalled that Yugoimport SDPR is a public enterprise established by the Government of the Republic of Serbia which manages it, so that the role of the Ministry of Defence is primarily related to attaining the objectives of the defence policy and the economic policy of Serbia in the activities and operations that are within the purview of that public enterprise. In this regard, the Ministry of Defence strongly supports the initiative and effort to devise some form of cooperation through investment of the Poly Technologies Inc. Company in Yugoimport SDPR, where crucial is their common interest and agreement.

At the same time, Djordjevic emphasized that the Ministry of Defence is very much interested in joint projects in research, development and production of AME and that fully open to negotiations and finding modalities of cooperation to the mutual benefit, including possible joint appearance on third markets.