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Celebration of a century of the Riverine Flotilla

Прослављен век српске Речне флотилеMembers of the Riverine Flotilla celebrated the Day of the riverine units and of the Riverine Flotilla, which is celebrated to commemorate the launching of the first Serbian warship, armored boat "Jadar", on 6 August 1915 during the war, which marked the beginning of the forming of the first national Riverine Flotilla of the Kingdom of Serbia.

At the Novi Sad Quay of raid victims, a military ceremony took place during which, after the units parade, the guests were adressed by General Ljubisa Dikovic, Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces and Battleship Captain Andrija Andric, unit commander.

- Exactly 100 years ago, the first Serbian ship "Jadar" was launched. With this began the dignified and magnificent history of the Serbian River Flotilla. Even today, the development of the Riverine Flotilla mostly owes to the work and dedication of honorable sailors - General Dikovic said, addressing the audience and congratulating on the holiday and a great jubilee to the riverine members.

- You have many reasons to be proud, to continue conducting your duties conscientiously, being proud for being a part of the Riverine Flotilla, the only one of its kind in the Serbian Armed Forces and the service of riverine units - General Dikovic said.

On the occasion of the holiday, the river minesweeper 341 under the command of Corvette Lieutenant Dalibor Petrovic from the 1st Riverine Detachment was named the best ship, and the title of the best crew was given to 1st floating transporter of 3rd amphibious platoon of the 1st Pontoon Battalion under the command of Sergeant First Class Vladan Manjencic. The exemplary officer is Captain Mirko Radojcic, non-commissioned officer - Ensign Mihalj Bot, and soldier - Lance Corporal Misa Obradov.

Individuals and groups that had achieved the best results were presented with the awards by Captain Andric. Riverine plaques were awarded to Odbrana Media Centre, Mayor of Novi Sad and retired Admiral Bosko Antic.

Upon the completion of the ceremony, a traditional rowing regatta was held. It was conducted in two categories. The first competitive category consisted of four eight-member crews with skippers in boats of sljupka type, another five six-member crews with skippers in aluminum boats. In the first category, the crew of 2nd Riverine Detachment with skipper Corvette Captain Dusan Ristic triumphed, and in the second the crew of 1st Pontoon Battalion with skipper Corporal Dejan Mijasic.

Ships and vessels of the Flotilla paraded along the Belgrade Quay and the Quay of raid victims.

The bust of the Commander of "Drava" monitor unveiled

Прослављен век српске Речне флотиле
Army Commander LieutenantGeneral Milosav Simovic, Commander of the Riverine Flotilla Battleship Captain Andrija Andric and Mayor of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic unveiled the bust of the celebrated Commander of "Drava" monitor Lieutenant First Class Aleksandar Beric. The bust, the work of academic sculptor Djordje Lazic, is located in the barracks that bears the name of the hero of the April war.

After the unequal battle with the aviation of fascist Germany, Aleksandar Beric, saluting to the state flag, sank together with 76 crew members of the hit "Drava".