Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Notice on media accreditations for the military parade

Information for all media

The military parade will be held on October 16, 2014, on the occasion of marking 70 years from the liberation of Belgrade in the Second World War and the centenary of the beginning of the Great War.
Media accreditation is necessary for coverage of the military parade.

Accreditation application deadline is on Sunday, October 12, at 18.00. Accreditations will not be reviewed past the deadline.

In accreditation data, please send the e-mail address and telephone number of the contact person, who will receive all additional notices concerning the event coverage (receiving accreditation, transport to the place of the event and such).

Contact person at the Ministry of Defence available for all questions about accreditations is Danijela Marjanovic (064/8329-210,

Directions for national media
Accreditations for military parade coverage should be sent to the Public Relations Department’s e-mail:
The accreditation should contain:

- Name and surname
- Duty at the editorial board
- ID number
- Unique master citizen numbers (JMBG) of each team member

Directions for foreign media
Representatives of foreign media must have permanent or temporary accreditations of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia before receiving accreditation at the Ministry of Defence.
The link to the accreditation form:

Contact phone number of the service that issues temporary and permanent accreditations at the Ministry of Culture is +381 11 3345 415. Contact person is Ana Skocic (

After accreditation at the Ministry of Culture, following data should be sent to the Public Relations Department’s e-mail:

- Name and surname,
- Duty at the editorial board,
- The editorial board,
- Number of the temporary or permanent accreditation issued by the Ministry of Culture and
- Its validation date.