Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Serbian Armed Forces continues to provide assistance

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces are constantly on the ground providing assistance to citizens in the areas affected with floods caused by heavy rains and overflowing rivers. The Serbian Armed Forces is engaged in Sabac, Obrenovac, Ub, Sremska Mitrovica, Trnava, Razanj, Kosjeric, Doljevac, Kraljevo, Grdica, Usce, Loznica, Grocka, Svilajnac, Cicevac, Cuprija, vicinity of Pozarevac .

18:27 - Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, accompanied by Bratislav Gasic and Nebojsa Stefanovic, Ministers of Defence and the Interior, and Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic, visited members of the Military Police Special Operation Battalion "Cobras", engaged in the provision of dam in Sabac. On that occasion, he expressed his gratitude and, as he said, the highest respect for all those in the city who built several kilometres of embankments.

The Prime Minister expressed the hope that the embankment will withstand also any new increase in the level of the Sava River. Thanks to the extraordinary energy and commitment of citizens of Sabac, Belgrade, Novi Sad, people of different profiles, miners from Rembas ... He said that it shows how much people are attached to their country. He also said that what is particularly is to provide food for babies, disinfectants and everything else that is most needed in the first instance to repair the damage.

18.10 - Major Milan Burmudzija said that defensive embankment in Sremska Mitrovica is currently enduring a high water level of Sava, which decreased from the historical 682 to 675 centimetres. He added that only 30 to 35 centimetres was missing for water to spill over the embankments and flood the whole city.

- In building the defensive dam in Sremska Mitrovica, organization and raising the embankments, about 120 soldiers and 30 officers and non-commissioned officers of the Serbian Armed Forces were engaged. The First Army Brigade, members of the battalion of self-propelled missiles, tank and mechanized battalions were engaged in the defence of the city – Major Burumdzija said, noting that the tank crews proved themselves very well "as if they were engineers, and maybe even better".

16:55 - About 200 cadets of the Military Academy were engaged at the walls between the villages of Sevarice and Drenovac, which is one of the three critical points of the defence of Sabac.

16:41 - Around the electrical installation of the Thermal Power Plant in Kostolac, members of the Army Training Centre have been setting up the embankments since early morning.

15:23 – River Flotilla Commander Colonel Andrija Andric said that there is no need any more to engage amphibious vehicles in Obrenovac, and that they will be sent to Sabac. Yesterday, amphibious vehicles evacuated 2,072 people from Obrenovac. Divers of River Flotilla took part in the evacuation of the citizens in that city.

13:57 – Since this morning, nine helicopters have been participating in the evacuation of citizens and delivery of essential requisites in Ub. Until 14 o'clock 168 people were evacuated. Citizens received seven tons of drinking water and five tons of clothes, children's cosmetics, diapers and medicaments. Military helicopters transport both medical staff and rescue teams.

The Special Brigade has been engaged today in a number of municipalities. The members of Special Forces help citizens of Obrenovac, Sabac, Svilajnac, Doljevac and Grocka while evacuation teams at Batajnica airport are also on alert.

11:00 – Today, more than 1,600 members and ten helicopters have been engaged, and 1,800 blankets and 710 beds have been provided. In order to control the terrain, 15 members of the CBRN Centre, four tanks and two special purpose motor vehicles were sent to Ub this morning at 6:30. Major General Vojin T. Jondic and Brigadier General Stojan Batinic visited Jamena, where the Sava River spilled over.

Serbian DCHOD Lieutenant General Jovica Draganic said that critical points in Sabac have been reinforced.

- At this moment, we have complete control of the Sava River in Sabac closure, General Draganic said adding that, based on current assessments, there is no reason for concern of the citizens of this city.

Since this morning, helicopters of the Serbian Armed Forces have been in the air. A large number of military vehicles, boats, water pumps, wheeled tanks for drinking water and fuel and engineering machinery have been employed.

Members of the First Brigade, with the citizens of Sremska Mitrovica were reinforcing the embankment on the Sava quay during the night.

Yesterday, members of the Serbian Armed Forces evacuated more than 4,700 people, of which 2,309 by air.


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