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"La Grande Isa" exhibiton opens in the Central Club

The exhibition "Le Grande Isa by Vlah Bukovac " opened tonight at the gallery of the Serbian Army. About the painting spoke  Dr. Jasna Jovanov, director of " Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski " Lieutenant Colonel Slavoljub Markovic, Director of the Media Center "Odbrana". The exhibition was opened by Slavisa Grujic , Vice President of the Government of Vojvodina , Provincial Secretary for Culture and Media .

The opening was attended by Prince Alexander II and Crown Princess Katherine , Major General Goran Radovanovic, figures from the world of culture and the many guests . The authors of the exhibition are art historian Dr. Jasna Jovnov and Milica Orlovic Cobanov , from " Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski ."

Lt. Col. Markovic said that the exhibition is a continuation of co-operation between the Central Military Club’s gallery and the Novi Sad gallery " Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanskog " , which began in 2011 with an exhibition " Collection of Pavle Beljanski again in Belgrade " and resumed with this spring exhibition " Nadezda Petrovic: on both sides of the lens ."

- These exhibitions are among the most popular which have been organized by the Central Club in the past three years. We continue cooperation with the " Memorial Collection " , and take this opportunity to invite its creative team to continue preparing such interesting exhibitions- said the director of the Media Center "Odbrana".

The director of the ' Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski " thanked everyone who helped to paint Bukovac " shine in its full glory . "

. The exhibition is focused on the work of art "Le grande Isa " , although one segment is dedicated to its creator Vlah Bukovac , and the other to Alexis Bouviet , author of the novel that inspired the artist to paint " Isa " . The visitors will also be able to see the process of restoration said Jasna Jovnov .

Provincial Secretary for Culture and Media said that tonight's show was "a great occasion" because this exhibition from Novi Sad was given the opportunity to be presented to the audience in Belgrade.
-And just when you think that nothing can surprise you, then you find that there are great things that can still inspire awe. As I made my way among the many visitors to the exhibition, discovering the painting detail by detail, until I came to a place where I could observe it as a whole. Every detail has created a special painting illusion in me and I believe in all of those present tonight- said Grujic .

In the exhibition , alongside masterpieces Bukovac, is presented and images ' Gipsy with Daire " , the work of the same author from collections of the Gallery of the Army , and rich illustrative material published novel by Alexis Buvijea . The spirit of Paris visitors is conjured up by exposing the original material, photographs ny Bukovac, newspaper clippings , items from the music room of the first owner , in which the image was exposed.

The exhibition in the Central Militray Club’s gallery will be accompanied by lectures , film screenings and workshops . For the blind and visually impaired people a special tactile segment will be prepared which will enable those visually impaired to experience the famous work by Bukovac.

The multimedia exhibition of the " Le Grande Isa " in the Gallery of the Central Club was created by the idea of Alexandra Pesic Rešnjak visitors closer to the social conditions in Paris in the late 19th century , the city where Bukovac received full recognition for his talent and work.

During the closing of the exhibition , 2 November in the Gallery of the Army , 46th award ceremony " Memorial Collection by Pavle Beljanski" and the promotion of new editions of the collection : " Pavle Beljanski memorial " a conference meeting dedicated to Pavle Beljanski (1892-1965) .

Belgrade painter Biljana Cincarević praised the exhibition as well as the idea of the exhibition in Belgrade.

- This is beautiful , and above all, I wish to congratulate the organizers on such an exhibition as such an exhibition shows it does not lag behind large world metropolis.

The famous Serbian theater critic and theater expert Ivan Medenica said that first of all the fact that this Novi Sad exhibition as well as the fact that the exhibition is devoted to a single work of art should be praised .

- This is a great and important picture presented to us in a new form as it has been restored. Also, here we follow the cultural history of Paris in the late 1880s , while the most impressive thing is that " Le Grande Isa " was an a cheap, not too important , dramatic piece performed in theatres. Such concepts are interesting and arouse great interest .


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Director of Media Center Odbrana LTCOL Slavoljub Markovic | FLV
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