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La Grande Iza and the spirit of Paris in the Gallery of the Central Club

On the occasion of the exhibition "La Grande Iza by Vlah Bukovac " that will open in the gallery of the Central Club on 17 September at 19 am a press conference where Jasna Jovanov, director of " Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanskog " Lieutenant Colonel Slavoljub M . Markovic, Director of the Media Center " Odbrana" spoke about the exhibition

Welcoming the representatives of the media, Lt. Col. Slavoljub Markovic said that the forthcoming exhibition continues cooperation of the Central Club’s gallery with the = Novi Sad " Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanskog ", which began in 20122 with the exhibition entitled ‘Pavle Beljanski in belgrade again”, and the exhibition of works of Nadezda Petrovic .

- Besides"La Grande Iza" , a famous work by Croatian artists Bukovac the painting" Gipsy with Daire" , another work by the same author from the gallery collection of the Army will be presented to the public, together with rich illustrative material to complement the novel by Alexis Buoviet - said Lt. Col. Markovic.

The spirit of Paris will be conjured up by exposing the original material, photographs Bukovac , newspaper clippings , items from the music room of the first owner , in which the image was exposed at one time . The exhibition will be open until 2 November in the gallery, and will be followed by lectures, film screenings and workshops. An especially tactile segment will be in which the visitors with the help of audio running viewable famous work Bukovac .

About the picture "La Grande Iza" and its author Vlah Bukovac dr. Jasna Jovnov spoke , who stressed that it is a masterpiece of the famous Croatian painter which marked the beginning of his career.


Its presentation at the Spring Salon in Paris in 1882. which among more than 2,700 exhibits , won the gold medal , and was elected to a be in the foyer , Bukovac made a shortcut to the Parisian audience and caused a sensation and storm its reaction not only in artistic circles , but also among the general public . The entire French press , partly inspired by the eponymous boulevard known novelist Alexis Bouviet greeted the picture "The Great Beyond " as "a poem to a voluptuous woman," which opened the way to celebrate a relatively unknown artist .

At the closing of the exhibition 2 November in the Gallery of the Army will be awarded 46th award of the " Memorial Collection" for the best thesis of the national history of art.