Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Budget and Finances Sector

Budget and Finances Sector is the basic internal unit of the Ministry of Defence, carrying out activities related to: preparation of draft regulations from the field of financial operations; planning, organization, execution and control of material and financial operations; financial policy of the Ministry, defence budgeting; planning, programming, budgeting and execution of the financial plan for the Ministry; organising IT system in the field of planning, financing and material and financial operations.


Accounting Centre is subordinated to the Budget and Finances Sector.

Accounting Centre performs the following activities: material and financial control; control of payroll account, taxes, contributions and other personal income; accounting and payment of salaries, allowances and other personal income; keeping accounting records on the status and movement of assets; payment operations; recording executive Court decisions in financial accounting; storage and archiving of material and financial documentation.

Department of budget performs the following activities: preparation of draft regulations in the field of financial operations, business analysis for units and institutions of the Ministry and the Armed Forces; planning and execution of the defence budget; coordination of the needs of the Ministry with the allocated funds for financing the defence from the budget; planning, programming, budgeting and execution of plans, programmes and projects.