Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Human Resources Sector

Human Resources Sector is a main internal unit of the Ministry of Defence performing activities related to: status and other issues concerning professional members of the Armed Forces; military schools, education and advancement for the work on the defence and security activities; development of acts and planning documents to plan measures and operations for the work of citizens, government bodies, companies, other legal persons and entrepreneurs and military obligation, work obligation and material obligation.

Personnel Department >> 

Personnel Department performs the following activities: planning the recruitment process for all categories of personnel; keeping personnel records; preparation of system- and status-related documents in the field of personnel management, education and advancement of professional members; solving status issues; planning and implementation of interstate agreements concerning education of personnel in the foreign armed forces; participation in the planning, preparation and making contracts for education and advancement in military schools for the civilians and foreign nationals.

Military Duties Department >>
Military Duties Department performs activities relating to: drafting acts and planning documents to plan measures and activities for the work of citizens, government authorities, companies and other legal entities and for the employment of the Serbian Armed Forces and other defence forces in the state of emergency and war; military obligation; work obligation; material obligation; organisation, transfer and implementation of measures of readiness, mobilization and manning for state bodies, public services, bodies of local self-government, companies, other legal entities and entrepreneurs; managing subordinate formations.

Department for Tradition, Standard and Veterans>>
Department for Tradition, Standard and Veterans performs activities related to: cultural, museum and religious activities for the needs of the defence system; issues of tradition and ethics; support to employees in finding new jobs; issues of meeting the needs of veterans; housing issues; issues of health insurance for the military beneficiaries.

Psychology section

Primary mission of the psychologists in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces (military psychologists) is related to management of human resources, ensuring efficiency and quality in vocational training and mental and physical readiness of the members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces and to improving the operational capabilities of the armed forces to execute the assigned missions and tasks.