Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Trilateral exercise "Tisa 2012" ends

With a practical display of solutions to save the civilians and property at Sabac training ground "Macvanski partizanski odred", a three-day trilateral exercise "Tisa 2012" ended.

According to the scenario and the parts determined by the exercise staff, the Armies of Serbia, Romania and Hungary, in various situations, demonstrated help to civilian population affected by floods.

Assessing the activity as very successful, Deputy Commander of Land Forces, Brigadier General Vojin Jondic, after the exercise, expressed his satisfaction that he was able to host the generals of the armed forces of Romania and Hungary.

I am particularly pleased that we now have an opportunity to see the level of training and the willingness to perform the tasks of the third mission, which is something we congratulate all the participants on, as general Jondic told the guests from Romania and Hungary conveying the message that the Serbian Army was ready to continue cooperation and next year will be a good host.

On behalf of the Romanian Army Command, Deputy Commander of Land Forces of this country, Major General Dr. Mircea Savu, praised the participants for their effort and stated that he was honored by being present in friendly Serbia.

- Exercise showed that the engineering unit, besides knowing how to deconstruct or dismantle something, are also apt at building and saving lives. The previously set goal has been fully met, as General Mircea remarked, wishing success to his colleagues in further work.

The guest from Hungary, Brigadier General Janos Hussar, expressed his personal satisfaction for participating in exercise "Tisa 2012”, pointing out that he had been able to note even on earlier occasions vast knowledge and expertise that the armies of the three countries presented last year during the traditional meeting.

- Now I am convinced we are all aware of the need to work together, in order to be able to help each other. It's nice to see how the exercise develops from year to year and how civilians and the military work on a common task, as General Hussar said, adding that together all three countries were on track to conduct the exercise in Hungary, "Tisa 2013", with all the present invited.

The first two days of the trilateral exercise "Tisa 2012" in the Sabac garrison, was marked by staff activities, during which a battalion of the Joint Command decided on each sequence of implementation. In this phase a total of 50 members of the Serbian Army, 22 members of the Hungarian armed forces and 21 members of the Romanian armed forces were engaged, while three hundred members of the armed forces of the three countries and local and regional civil structures gave their contribution to today’s practical demonstration.

In the presence of many guests, the procedures of the River Flotilla, the use of river minesweeper, patrol-assault and assault boats, amphibious carriers, river ferry and divers, rescue and evacuation of affected populations were demonstrated.

In this part of the exercise medical assistance to vulnerable population was also shown, the functioning of a mobile village with the participation of members of the Red Cross of Vojvodina and the Department of Emergency Management in Novi Sad and Sabac.

During the static part of the exercise, all resources used in the exercise as part of other resources available to the Army of the Serbian River flotilla were displayed.

This year's exercise is the fourth in a row. It combines the experience of the past, held in Titel (2009), Hungarian Szentes (2010), and in Ramnik Vilce in Romania last year. International military cooperation with the Armed Forces of Hungary on providing of aid to civilians began even earlier, in 2006, while the Romanian army joined the project in 2009.