Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

159th issue of Odbrana

Special supplement
Ministry of Defense2008-2012

[PDF]Marking the Day of the Serbian Army - 23 April, the Army should be a support to country's foreign policy, a desired partner of friendly countries and the pride of all citizens of Serbia - said Minister Sutanovac at the central ceremony in Leskovac. It is particularly congratulated the holiday to members of our military who celebrate this day away from their homes in peace missions.

At the reception on the occasion of Army Day in the House of Guards in Topcider Sutanovac said that all the tasks set in the previous year had been successfully completed and he was sure the Serbian Army would continue to be at a level necessary to fulfill all three missions.

On the occasion of the Serbian Army Defense Minister presented the awards - military commemorative medals to members of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army.

Delegation of the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia, led by Sutanovac, visited our peacekeepers in a multinational operation in Cyprus.

In an interview to Odbrana Major General Dr. Danko Jovanovic, Head of Logistics in the Army says that no day passes without logistics. In order to be optimal and efficient, to lower costs, many years, it relies on many scientific disciplines. We try to be socially responsible and rational, without endangering any task. Therefore, logistics has to be understood, as without it managers can run into various problems, placing more demands than can be realized or to be more expensive than it should. In the current economic situation it is important to be rational and economical.

Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac and Serbian Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Ljubisa Dikovic with his associates visited the Holding Company "Krusik" in Valjevo and visited other training center in the city.

Defense Minister visited the Technical Repair Institute, and the company “Sloboda " in Cacak on 25 April, where he handed the keys of six flats active and retired members of the defense system in that city.

At the Military Academy the project for the construction of the first athletic hall in the country, which will be located in the area of the institution was presented. The venue will cover 7200 square meters.

Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac and the Mayor of Smederevo Predrag Umicevic, cutting the ribbon, officially launched the operation of a free industrial zone of Smederevo.

Thanks to careful planning and execution of plans, promoting teamwork and defense industry outside the country, she is enjoying a boom, which is reflected in the fact that this year the value of exported goods reached 286 million euros, which is the largest development in the history of Serbian defense industry - Sutanovac said during a tour of the factory Uzice "first partisan".

On Majurskaj ada there is an ongoing planning of a large military base on the model of base "South", which would be modern and the most important for this part of Serbia would have a winter home for warships - said the Minister of Defence during the "Open Day" in the river flotilla, in Novi Sad .

The military intelligence agency of the Ministry of Defence, marks its day on 6 may as this institution has a tradition, heritage and experience of more than nine decades. Brigadier General Director of the Agency Dragan Vladisavljevic points out that despite dramatic historical circumstances and changes, the main task of the Agency remains unchanged and includes protection of national security, and society as a whole from external threats. Although the progress of the Western Balkans in integrations has very much contributed to a gradual reduction of the conventional threats, however there has been significant increase in asymmetric threats, the most important are extremism, organized crime and certain forms of terrorism.

Keys of 77 newly built apartments at Pedja Milosavljevic 26, 28 and 32, on Bezanijska kosa were presented the members of the Ministry of Defence and Minister of Defence of the Serbian Army.

Strategic Research Institute will attend the international conference on integration and common security policy. It is expected that the results of the "Security and defense aspects of the accession of Serbia to the European Union" will be the basis of our country's negotiating position with the Union in Chapter 31 on foreign, security and defense policy.

Cadets of 133rd class of MA majoring in aviation, Milos Jankovic, Milos Milutinovic, Dino Antunovic, Milan Stojanovic, Darijan Militar and Radovan Zunic, spent their final semesters in 890th composite helicopter squadron "Pegasus", training for helicopter pilots.

The road from professional to professional non-commissioned soldiers, in red berets, is not easy. And every one of the achievements in the professional and environmental route, the ambitious man is only the beginning of a new phase. Sergeant Gabor Urban has successfully crossed his path.

The army participated in the 25th Belgrade Marathon and achieved remarkable results.

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