Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Planning and budgeting seminar

In the framework of cooperation with the Center for Civil-Military Relations in Monterey (California, USA), the Strategic Planning and Budget Directorate, Ministry of Defence from 12 to 16 March organized a seminar "From defense budget to long term planning."

Seminar experts from the Center for Civil-Military Relations, Monterey gave the lectures at the seminar, which was attended by around 40 members of the Defense Ministry and the Serbian Army.

The main topic of the seminar was modeled after the exercise determining the model required capacity of the army (armed forces) and finding a model for calculation of the cost of any ability. In particular, they discussed the conditions when the system has enough defense or lack of finance needed to fund the development of military capabilities.

It was concluded that the seminar had been successfully developed and implemented and will contribute to theoretical and methodological development of the Defense Ministry and the Serbian Army in the field of seminar topics.

The expert team of the Center for Civil-Military of the Monterrey was received by the Secretary of State Alexander Miscevic.