Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister congratulates the day of the MA

On occasion of the Day of the Military Academy - 18 March, I extend sincere congratulations to all members of the Military Academy, as well as generations of professors, teachers and elders who have incorporated their work into the foundations of the Military Academy Modern curricula, accredited study programs and high standards in education, educational and scientific work of the Academy contributed to the integration of military education in the educational system of Serbia.

The Military Academy has become an institution of national and regional importance of education and training of officer cadets, and this year with introducing specialist security studies in defense it has reached the highest level of training of officers and civil servants in the defense and security in the country.

I am sure your educational, pedagogical and scientific work will continue to maintain primacy in the education of professional staff required for the defense, and will continue to be a leaders in military scientific thought and practice as the most important promoter of the officer calling.

Congratulating the holiday to you, I wish you success in your work.