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Stefanović with members of 250th Brigade on equipment and salary increase

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, visited the members of the Third Air Defence Missile Battalion, 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade, in the "Major Milan Tepić" barracks in Jakovo. He talked to the members about the new equipment the unit had been equipped with, as well as the salary increase received by members of the defence system.

After the visit and the conversation with members of the unit, Minister Stefanović emphasized that the 250th Missile Brigade was a heroic unit that had defended Serbia in the most difficult times.

 - I am glad to visit people who have truly dedicated their lives to the defence of the homeland and who work every day to gain new knowledge, acquire new skills and practice so that they are ready to protect our sky at all times and be at the service of their people - Minister Stefanović pointed out.

The Minister of Defence is satisfied with the proficiency of members of this units in using the new armament, such as Pantsir S-1, and he is particularly glad that members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces have received an additional salary increase this month.

 - I am glad that they will be receiving the highest salary in the last few years as of today, and I am glad that this increase in salary has been considerable. Of course, it is not the last. I am grateful to President Vučić and the Serbian Government with whom I talked about it, because this is the way for us to say thank you to these people who chose the challenging, but honest and honourable profession of protecting their country - Stefanović emphasized.

He also expressed hope that the Air Force and Air Defence and the entire Serbian Armed Forces would continue being equipped.

 - We want to procure new systems and equipment and hire new staff. Of course, I expect that the purchase of new equipment and an increase in salaries will stimulate people to join our units and become part of our defence system - concluded Minister Stefanović.

Staff Sergeant Sladjana Vesić also took part in the demonstration performed today by the Third Missile Battalion, and she did not hide her pride in being a member of that heroic unit.

 - Salary increases are a very important and positive thing for all of us. It is important for us that the government is committed to improving our financial situation. Since the increase is non-linear, it is substantial for all members of the armed forces. This will give us an incentive to perform our task even more successfully in the future - says Staff Sergeant Vesić.

Her colleague from the same unit, Corporal Vladimir Svilar, says that in addition to the salary increases, there have been other significant changes in the military.

- Important things for our unit and for the Serbian Armed Forces in general have happened. New technology has arrived, we have had two substantial salary increases, and all that greatly improves the lives of members of our unit and the Serbian Armed Forces in general - says Corporal Svilar.

In addition to this year's salary increase for the entire public sector, members of the defence system received an additional, non-linear increase yesterday.

As part of the operational capabilities demonstration, members of the Third Missile Battalion demonstrated the emplacement of part of the Pantsir-S1 air defence artillery-missile battery, its transition to standby no. 1, battle crews working in the command and combat vehicles, as well as the technical squad fixing a malfunction on the Pantsir-S1 combat vehicle’s optoelectronic system.

The unit was also visited by Air Force and Air Defence Commander Major General Duško Žarković and 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade Commander Brigadier General Tiosav Janković:

At the end of today’s visit, General Janović presented Minister Stefanović with a Plaque with a part of the F-117 A aircraft that was shot down by the Third Air Defence Missile Battalion on 27 March 1999.
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