Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Visit to 250th Missile Brigade

Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Milan Mojsilović visited today the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade Command in the “Banjica“ barracks in Belgrade. 
During the visit, Chief of the General Staff was informed about the level of operational and functional capabilities achieved by the 250th AD Missile Brigade and the main tasks the unit is carrying out at the moment.

General Mojsilović then visited the 250th Missile Brigade’s memorial room which keeps alive the memory of this unit’s war history, where its heroic resistance against the NATO forces’ campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999 stands out.
Chief of the General Staff said he was pleased with the progress the 250th AD Missile Brigade had made in building its capabilities, which was evident in all segments, and commended the unit members’ commitment and professionalism.