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Residents of Mlačište grateful to military for their help

For the second day in a row, the 4th Army Brigade’s engineer team has been fighting with snowdrifts in Crna Trava which have cut off dozens of households from the world. The locals say that such heavy snowfall was only recorded in 1944 and 2012. Head of the Local Community Dragan Ivić says that the residents are extremely grateful to the Serbian Armed Forces for coming to the aid so quickly.
- The snow removal equipment owned by Crna Trava was not enough to clear this much snow and the Mayor of Crna Trava asked the Serbian Armed Forces for help. The following day, the military arrived in our local community where the lives of three children were at risk. Food has been delivered to the residents, the road has been cleared and everything is back to normal now – Ivić says.

The snow is more than 2 metres deep on some sections of the road and the traffic was completely stopped. The military managed to break through to several households in Mlačište, where families with small children were stuck in their snow-covered houses.

The Savić family, one of the few families with two small children in this area, was not able to go anywhere outside their yard last night. Mother Olivera and father Dalibor say that they were very happy when members of the engineer corps managed to break through to their house last night.
- They brought candies, too! The children were very happy someone came to see us! – Olivera says.

The 410th Engineer Battalion’s task group commanded by Sergeant First Class Miroslav Pavlović has been engaged since yesterday morning. They will have to work hard in the coming days, since there are several more houses in the area that cannot be reached due to snow.