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Military hospital Niš is part of Covid system as of today

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, has visited Military hospital Niš, where everything is ready for admitting Covid patients and said that this 50-bed hospital will help relieve the Clinical Centre in Niš and help severely ill patients receive quality treatment.

Minister Stefanović said he was glad to see that the Clinical Centre and the Military Hospital in Niš worked together well.

- I want to thank the military health care personnel who recognized the need to actively engage in providing assistance to the citizens of this beautiful city at this time. I also want to thank Prof. Perišić, director of the Clinical Centre, for recognizing the need to work jointly and for doing his best to meet the needs of the military hospital in this city – said Minister Stefanović, who also thanked the city of Niš for the assistance.

Minister of Defence emphasized that the Military Hospital would turn its 50-bed surgical ward into a Covid  hospital which will help relieve the Clinical Centre in Niš and help severely ill patients in intensive and semi-intensive care units receive quality treatment quickly and efficiently and go back home as soon as possible.

In his conversation with the medical staff of the Military Hospital in Niš he noted that they had been utterly dedicated to their work in the previous months and that the extra effort they were putting in now deserved deep respect.
- It is our job to do everything to help them logistically, to provide them with all the protective equipment, medicines and material they need to do their job - concluded Minister Stefanović.
Speaking about the importance of including the Military Hospital Niš in that city’s Covid system, the director of the Clinical Centre Niš, Prof. Zoran Perišić emphasized that with the additional 50 beds, there was no need for any seriously ill patient to be referred anywhere else and that everyone would receive full medical treatment in Niš.
- For me, this is an important moment, because we are integrating military and civilian health care in full capacity for the first time, at the most difficult moment in the fight against the most serious disease. I thank Minister Stefanović and Colonel Milić for the energy they put into concluding such an agreement so quickly - Prof. Perišić emphasized, adding that he considered this an investment in the future, because once this disease was defeated, we should continue improving military and civilian health care in Niš.
Deputy Army Commander, Major General Vladeta Baltić, head of the Military Hospital Niš, Colonel Veljko Milić, MD, and Deputy Mayor of Niš, Ms Dušica Davidović also visited the hospital today.
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Visit to Military Hospital Niš
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Minister Stefanovic's statement
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Statement by Prof. Perisic, director of Clinical Centre Nis