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Military volunteers camping at Pasuljanske livade training ground

Military volunteers of the “September 2020” generation, who are training to be mortarmen in the Army Training Centre in Požarevac, are at the stationary camp at the military complex “Pasuljanske livade”, where they are practicing firing 82 mm M69 mortars.
The goal of the camp is for soldiers to be trained under realistic conditions in tactical actions of moving into position, defending and attacking and perform regular firing practices, points out Major Aleksandar Varga, Commander of the Training Battalion at the Army Training Centre.

- Soldiers are motivated to work and are safe while performing all scheduled training activities. The firing practice was assessed as “very good”, and the soldiers showed what they learned in training in the past month in the right way. Stationary camp is the best way and opportunity for soldiers to be tested in practical work under realistic conditions - Major Varga points out.
Dejan Lebović from Bajmok and Anđela Rakić from Niš are among the soldiers who fired a mortar for the first time.

- This is the first time I have fired a mortar and I realized how powerful a weapon it is. I was a bit nervous, but the firing went well - said Private Dejan Lebović, who decided to enlist in order to continue the tradition, but also because he wants to get a job in the Serbian Armed Forces.
Private Anđela Rakić decided to enlist because she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps. The training is not easy, but it meets her expectations, she said.

- This is the first time I have fired a mortar and it felt amazing. I wasn’t nervous because I had good results as a gunner during the training, so I was fully prepared for the firing and I did my best – says Private Anđela Rakić.

The unit has taken all measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and the same is being done during the camp at the “Pasuljanske livade” training ground.
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The training
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Major Aleksandar Varga's statement
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Private Dejan Lebovic's statement
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Private Andjela Rakic's statement