Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Scientific Conference on Defence Technologies – OTEH

The 9th International Scientific Conference on Defence Technologies – OTEH 2020, which is held online this time due to epidemiological situation, started with the welcome speech of Colonel Bojan Pavković, PhD, Director of the Military Technical Institute.

- I hope that this method of work will not be an obstacle but an incentive for successful communication between the participants in our two-day conference where we will exchange new ideas that should bring us closer and be useful to all participants in the conference – said Colonel Pavković, emphasizing that only the constant development of new defence technologies can meet increasingly strict requirements in the design of modern weapons and military equipment.
- It is a complex process which requires cooperation among institutes, faculties and factories, as well as a comprehensive and systematic approach of the highest state bodies and institutions. Exchanging opinions and experiences, comparing the achieved results with other competent institutions in the country and the world is a certain way to success and progress. That is the main reason we have gathered at this international expert conference – Colonel Pavković emphasizes.

The organizers of OTEH are the Defence Technologies Department of the Ministry of Defence and the Military Technical Institute. The goal of the international scientific conference is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of achievements in the field of defence technologies.
This year's OTEH is divided into eight thematic units. Out of a total of 152 submitted papers, 96 papers have been accepted and included in the conference programme, 77 of which are from Serbia and 19 papers from abroad, from 14 countries.